1. After Payments are set up, select the Payouts option from the sidebar. This shall take you to the Payouts page.

  1. Hit the Configure Payouts button, select your currency and you’ll be able to see the four required fields namely, Account number/Merchant ID, API Key, API Secret, Webhook Secret

Integration With RazorpayX

API Keys

  1. Login to your Razorpay account and from the left side menu navigate to settings.

  1. From the “Settings” screen navigate to the "API Keys" tab and click "Generate Live Key". 

  2. This will now display a popup modal with the “Key ID” which will be used in the “Key” field and the "Key Secret" which will be used in the "Secret" field in the Shoptype Payment Configuration window. 

  3. Note that the Key secret will be visible only once during the creation of the key and hence it would be prudent to save these key details for future reference and use.


  1. Log into your Razorpayx dashboard at https://x.razorpay.com

  1. Navigate to your account settings by clicking the profile icon on the top right side of the screen and clicking "My Account & Settings".

  2. Navigate to the "Developer Controls" screen from the menu on the left. The same API key that was generated during the payment configuration should be visible here.
    Both the payment key and secret will remain the same for both the razorpay account as well as  razorpayX account.

  3. Add the following webhook "https://backend.awake.money/webhooks/razorpay/payout" and if the payout integration is being done during the payment integration use the same Webhook secret here.
    Subscribe to all the active events by clicking "Select All".

  1. The key thus obtained goes to the “Secret” field in Shoptype Payment Configuration Window.

Account ID: 

  1. This brings us to our next step, obtaining the Account number. Select the profile button on the top right corner of the screen and the ID listed under the account name is what will be used as the "Account number" field in Shoptype Payment Configuration Window. 
    The Merchant ID on the razorpay dashboard and this account ID will be the same.

To integrate with Awake Money APIs, here’s a link to the documentation