• In order to refer a member to join the shoptype ecosystem from the shoptype dashboard one can find their referral link in the menu adjacent to the profile.
  • A pop-up screen with the referral link as well as a preset email referral template will get displayed.
  • Copy this link and share it with anyone for them to join shoptype as a referral.
  • The preset email can also be sent out by either typing in the email addresses or importing them as a csv file.

  • The referral tree can be found in the same menu.
  • The Inviter is the user who invited the logged in user to join shoptpye, if there is none this defaults to shoptype itself.
  • The Invitees are users who have joined shoptype using the logged in user's referral.

If a user signs up on shoptype through a cosell button that was shared on a product listing, the user who shared the product link will be assigned the referral.