• In order to add vendors to the network's marketplace, first log into the Network Operator profile in the network's shoptype account
  • Navigate to the Networks tab which is the second one from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  • The first screen allows you to set the percentage of the total network fee that the network will earn as revenue from the sales on the network.
    The Coseller split is the percentage that the network is willing to offer cosellers who generate sales on the network's website by creating and displaying content on the network, using the network's clout for the sale.
    The Network Charge is the percentage of the total network fee (assigned by the vendor) that the network chooses to take as part of it's revenue. Note: This will be taken from the total percentage and hence will drop the coseller fees considerably eg if a vendor has set 30% as the fee they are willing to give, setting a network charge of 5% will mean that only the remaining 20% of the total sale (after the shoptype fee) will be available to be distributed across cosellers.
  • On navigating to the Discover Vendors tab vendors can be searched for from the entire list of vendors available on the shoptype platform.
  • On clicking the connect button for a vendor, a connection request can be sent to the vendor requesting to display their product catalog on the network's marketplace. Once the vendor accepts the request, their catalog of products and their brand will show up on the network's marketplace.
  • On navigating to the Manage Vendors tab, vendors that are a part of the network's marketplace can be found.